Protected Servers: 2,841

Unique Members: 1,487,051

Proudly Protecting:

Discord Boats (78,313)
ZigZagZong (70,049)
VADIMO (35,676)
Deduction & Luxoos (32,835)
/fr/ FreeASSANGEšŸŒ (32,811)

Protect Yourself

Check the background of your Discord friends, potential staff or partners. Search for people by their previous names and view their history, server list and activity.

Protect Your Server

Automatically determine by several settings who can or cannot join your server. Limit the amount of bans or kicks of your staff to avoid vandalism with the SHIELIDS system.

Protect the Community

Help the Discord community to feel safer and transparent with each other. Help people avoiding scams, abuse or harm by problematic users by our special algorithm

Introducing Discore.

Discore is a revolutionary security and transparency tool for Discord that allows you to protect your server, yourself and discover the behavior and history of anyone on every Discore-supported server without any privacy invasion.

Discore will analyze the behavior of the users on each of its servers and will determine a score that will reļ¬‚ect their reliability, trustworthy, moral, and bad or good behavior. It will track how many times each user was banned, reported, muted or kicked. On the other hand, it will also check their roles on each server, their connection, and activity. All that together will build the userā€™s reputation on Discord, while respecting privacy and relying on actions, roles and activity directly from the servers, not the users.

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