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A dynamic and unique bot is your server's right. Live modernity to the fullest with DisCore. Build your own unique bot.

More than Loading... servers, with DisCore.


Indeed, the bot is yours!

You add your command, you add a function. You listen to events. The management of the bot for your server is entirely yours!


You sip your coffee. DisCore protects your server.

DisCore has high-level protection systems. Use the automatic systems category. Moreover, with our constantly active servers, DisCore provides uninterrupted service. Everything is so easy and practical! You can easily manage automated systems from the administration panel or using commands.


It doesn't matter what device you are on! Set it up securely.

DisCore is compatible with every device! It is now very easy to use the administration panel or commands to set up the systems! At the same time, DisCore does not share any of your data with third parties. You can read our privacy policy.


We address the world in many languages! Both the admin panel and the bot's systems are compatible with many languages. Those who want to be a translator can visit our support server!

Control is in your hands

Imagine that you are completely managing the bot yourself. Systems can be created by default, as well as your own!

Free service

Except for premium services, DisCore does not charge any fees. Our premium rates are very user friendly!

We build and experience together.

DisCore grows with your comments and reviews. Please feel free to tell us your suggestion or complaint!

Improve and grow your server with DisCore.

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